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August 2002
It's starting to confuse me so I can imagine the effect on others.  And I will soon be adding more pages.  This should clarify things a bit.  All the underlined things are links so you can jump around however you want to, although if you do you may lose some of the continuity of the accounts of families.  - jaf

Pennsylvania Germans
Pennsylvania Germans - Just some of my thoughts on the history and genealogy of the people called Pennsylvania Germans or "Pennsylvania Dutch."

The following are most of my paternal families:
Frank/Franck - From the immigrant Johan Jacob Franck 1714-1787, my 5th greatgrandfather, through his greatgrandson (and my 2nd greatgrandfather) Henry Frank 1802-1848.  Contains a lot of 18th and early 19th century stories and documents.  Detailed documents from this period are on the Frank Family Documents page.
Penrose Frank - 1844-1914 Civil War soldier and my greatgrandfather, and his sons, with photos.
Edwin Frank - 1871-1932 My grandfather, and his sons, with photos.
Bischoff - My 5th greatgrandmother Anna Maria Kunigunda Bischoff 1718-1804, wife of Johan Jacob Franck.  This page includes information on her two sisters who also immigrated and who kept in touch all their lives, and their families.

- Elisabeth Frank 1752-1801, a daughter of the immigrant Johan Jacob, married Johannes Eberman 1749-1835, a well-known clockmaker of Lancaster.  They had eleven children, and all their descendants are my cousins, so I have a lot of information on this family.

Eichholtz - Although I am not closely connected to present-day Eichholtzes, and don't have the kind of personal information I have on some of my other families, I am a direct descendant in that one of my 4th greatgrandmothers was Catherine Eichholtz 1761-1847, who married Philip Heffelfinger.  They are important to me because this is the one family that I know of that connects my Lancaster County area ones (above) and my Lebanon-Dauphin County ones (below); the Eichholtzes are related to both, and I am related to them in more than one way.

- The family that started it all, as I set forth to find out why my father's middle name was Keller.  I eventually found out that his greatgrandmother was Leah Keller of Dauphin County, and once I got that far I was able to find out a lot about her family; they are descendants of Michael Keller 1755-1813.

Schultz - The family of my greatgrandmother Mary Elizabeth Schultz 1849-1913.  They go back in Lebanon County to Johann Theobald Schultz 1722-1796.



These are Pennsylvania German too but separate from the above because they did noit connect to my other paternal families until my grandfather Edwind Frank married Eva Taylor, a Lupher descendant, in 1902.

Lupfer/Lupher/Luper  - The starting point for the history of this clan in America, all of whom are descendants of the immigrant Hans Jacob Lupfer 1725-1803, who was another of my 5th greatgrandfathers.   This family is also Pennsylvania German but does not connect to the ones above until 1902, when my grandfather Edwin Frank married Eva Taylor, who was a Lupfer descendant.  This is the family about whom I have the most information, some of it by inheritance from my grandmother's sister Nellie Taylor Nelson, and some of it from many other sources.  The name has come to be spelled several different ways, each of which have their own page:

Lupfer - These are descendants of the immigrant's son Caspar Lupfer 1760-1846.  In the early years, they stayed in the Pennsylvania German country, in and around what is now Perry County, and they have retained the original spelling.

- Most who spell it this way are descendants of the immigrant's son Jacob 1766-1838, who moved to Crawford County in Western Pennsylvania shortly after the Revolution.

- My own branch; these are descendants of the immigrant's son Johannes (John) 1762-1826, who also moved to Crawford County around the same time.

Rosetta Lupher Gilson Taylor Osborne - my much-married greatgrandmother gets a page of her own, with photos.  See also Taylor, below.

Old Lupher Pictures - From my grandaunt Nellie Taylor Nelson's vast collection of old pictures, mostly of the Crawford county, PA Luphers and their associated families.

New!  Loveless and Whann Pictures - Arguably this should be under Crouch, since they are Crouch descendants, but I have put it here because the pictures are from Nellie and Rosetta's collections.

New Engand

As I said, Lupher is Pennsylvania German, but Rosetta's mother was from a long line of New England families; her mother was a

Crouch - and I have a picture of and a little information about Lavina Crouch Lupher who was my great great grandmother.  And her mother was a

Perkins - and I also have a picture of Elizabeth Perkins Crouch, my 3rd greatgrandmother, who was born in the 18th century, and about whom there is quite a story.

Ohio and Virginia

Taylor - my greatgrandfather, Rosetta Lupher's second husband, was Chandler Price Taylor, from Belmont County, Ohio; he was a descendant of Noble Taylor, my third greatgrandfather, born in Virginia in 1776, and I have quite a bit of information, with photos, on this Taylor family.

Ayres - Chandler Taylor's mother, my great great grandmother, was Frances Kendall Ayres, also of Belmont County Ohio and a descendant of John Chandler Ayres, who was also born in Virginia, in 1769.

England - my maternal family

My maternal ancestors are entirely English, both my mother's parents were born in England.  Her father's family is

Moorhouse - of Yorkshire, where they lived in the same small area back to the 16th century.  Her mother's is

Whitehouse - of Staffordshire, about which I do not yet know as much.   Because these two families are closely linked in America, I have combined them on one page for now, with photos.

Links page - A few links to other sites that I have found interesting or useful.


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