Loveless and
Whann Families

I will start by saying that I am not closely related to these families but I am, let's say, closely connected to them, and I have a number of nice pictures of them.  So once I figured out enough about who they are to explain it, I thought I should display the pictures for those who might be more closely related.    They are related to me although not closely, because they are descendants of Jonathan Crouch and Elizabeth Perkins, as I am..

The story, is, Mary Elizabeth Crouch 1844-1885, a daughter of Delos Mason Crouch and thus my greatgrandmother Rosetta Lupher's first cousin (Rosetta's  mother Lavina Crouch was Delos's sister), married Charles Reynolds Loveless, who was a son of Stephen Loveless, originally from New York, who had settled in Venango County.  Rosetta was a great family correspondent and also, as I have mentioned elsewhere, a great packrat.  She kept in contact with this family, or parts of it, all her life.  They sent her pictures from as far away as Oklahoma, and she kept the pictures, which in due course I inherited.  
Children of Charles Loveless and Mary Elizabeth Crouch

Ida Luella Loveless
9 Mar 1869
14 Nov 1924
Addie Viola Loveless
9 Mar 1869
abt Apr 1869
Frank Edwin Loveless
9 Dec 1871
Jan 1879
Hattie Belle Loveless
19 Apr 1873
Jan 1879
Maggie Mae Loveless
25 Feb 1875
29 Apr 1892
Grace Adelia Loveless
3 Apr 1878
Jan 1879
Bessie Susannah Loveless
27 Jan 1880
27 Dec 1895
Charles Harold Loveless
4 May 1882
Aft. 1947
Leyla Maud Loveless
17 Mar 1884

I give this in such detail because there is a bit of a mystery coming up later on.  

The oldest daughter of Charles Loveless and Mary Elizabeth Crouch was Ida Luella Loveless, who married John Whann.  John was apparently  a descendant of William Whann, probably born about 1770, who seems to have been the progenitor of all the Venango County Whanns.    I think John was probably a son of  Andrew Whann, who was William's grandson, but there are other John Whanns and I am prepared to be corrected on that.

John & Ida Whann
John and Ida Loveless Whann, about 1900

Ida Loveless Whann

An apparently later picture of Ida Loveless Whann, perhaps from about 1910.

The Whanns lived in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and I even have some good pictures of their house, below.

Neither of these is dated.  This one says, as you can see, "J. Whann home", and on the back is written "Bartlesville, Okla".  The people on the porch are not identified but I assume that two of  them are John and Ida Whann.
Whann Home 1

Whann Home 2
This one is obviouisly the same house, quite a few years later (note size of the trees).  On the back it says in Rosetta's hand "John Whann, Dewey, Okla."  Photographer's stamp "Hebron Hixson, Photo Finisher, Box 307, Dewey, Okla"  I think the house was actually in Bartlesville and probably Dewey is nearby and where the photographer was from, but I am willing to be corrected.


The youngest daughter of Charles R Loveless and Mary Elizabeth Crouch was Leyla Maud Loveless, born in 1884.  She later married Roy W. Scouten, who was a minister, and they lived in western New York at least part of their lives.  Here is a picture of Leyla (as Rosetta and some other spelled it; some call her Lila) as a child:

Leyla Loveless

Labeled on the back in greatgrandmother Rosetta's hand "Leyla Loveless, (Mrs Roy Scouten)"
probably from about 1890

Now here is the mystery.  Surely the girl on the right, in the group at the right, is the same girl. probably on the same day, as the one above.   Leyla, the last child of Charles Loveless and Mary Elizabeth Crouch.

The family story on this group is that three of the children died in 1879 (before Leyla was born); some versions say on the same day, of diptheria.  So if this picture was taken about 1890, when Leyla would have been six, if the above information is correct, the girl on the left here, who appears older than Leyla, would have to be either Maggie or Bessie, probably the latter because she does not appear that much older.

So who is the younger girl in the center?  I don't know but I do know that Mary Elizabeth died in 1885 and Charles remarried in 1886, to Julia Morse.  I know that he had at least one son with her but I don't know of a daughter.  But I suspect there was a daughter and this is she.


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