Rosetta Elizabeth Lupher


Rosetta Elizabeth Lupher 1851-1929
Picture probably ca 1890

Like her grandmother Elizabeth Perkins Crouch, Rosetta Lupher seems to have been a rather formidable woman.   As a very young woman, in her late teens in fact, she was a schoolteacher for a few years.

I have several of her provisional teaching certificates, of which this is a typical example:


 In 1870 Rosetta married John Delos Gilson 1843-1874.  He is said to have been a Civil War veteran and I do not have the details but he was certainly the right age.  The Gilsons had one son, Morris Dehn Gilson 1873-?.

After the death of John Gilson, Rosetta went to Kansas, where some of her Lupher relatives had gone earlier.   Not all the details are clear to me but in 1878, in Harvey County, Kansas, she married my greatgrandfather, Chandler Price Taylor.   Chandler and Rosetta had one daughter, Mary Augusta, born in Kansas in 1879, before moving back east, first to Ohio, where their other two daughters, Eva Adelia (my grandmother) in 1882 and Nellie Lavina in 1885, were born.   Soon after that they returned to Crawford County, Pennsylvania, where Rosetta had been born.   Chandler Taylor took up a farm near Townville and later became a hotel operator at Lincolnville.   He died in 1897, and Rosetta received a pension for herself and her two still-minor daughters based on his Civil War record.  There is much more on the Taylors elsewhere on this site.

This picture of Rosetta's children was taken in 1887:

Rosetta's children

The boy at the back is Morris Gilson, Rosetta's son from her first marriage.
The three girls are Taylors:  Mary Augusta, Nellie, and Eva (my grandmother).
There is another picture of these children, a few years later, on the Taylor page.

In 1904, at the age of 53, Rosetta was married for the third time, to Hart Osborn.  I have recently acquired their wedding pictures:

Hart Osborn 1844-1925
Rosetta Lupher Osborn 1851-1929
These are their wedding pictures, from 1904

Until recently (Summer, 2002) I knew very little about Hart Osborn, although my father remembered him, except that he was said to have been the third Civil War veteran among Rosetta's husbands.   Now I know more.  He was from a very old New England family that had most recently been in upstate New York.  Hart was indeed a Civil War veteran, who served with the 2nd New York Heavy Artillery.  He, like Rosetta, had been married twice before.  I am not sure whether he had any children.

Hart Osborne died in 1925.   Rosetta died in 1929; she and all three of her husbands and all three of her daughters are buried at the Kingsley Cemetery in Townville, PA

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