The American progenitor of this family was Hans Jacob Lupfer, born in Birmensdorf, Switzerland in 1725.   The family has been traced back there to Mathias Lupfer, born about 1550.
Hans Jacob came to America on the ship Phoenix, arriving in Philadelphia on 22 November 1752.  There was apparently only one early immigrant with this name; as far as I have ever found out, all Lupfers and Luphers, and a lot of, but probably not all, Lupers, in America today are his descendants.   He married Anna Gumbert (the name is also given as Kumbert and several other variants.  Recent researchers are tending to agree that it was probably actually Gamber, a family that is found nearby, but not much is known about her family), who was also of a 'Pennsylvania Dutch' family, and they settled first in Berks County for a number of years.   In 1787 they moved to Cumberland County, that part of it that is now Perry County, near the town of New Bloomfield.

Jacob was a farmer and sawmill operator who apparently had amassed a considerable estate by the time of his death, most of which passed to his eldest son Caspar Lupfer, the progenitor of that branch of the family which remained in Perry County for several generations, and retained the original spelling.

Jacob and Anna had eight children; the Bible in which their births were recorded has been preserved.  The old German writing is hard to read; my translation is below.

Anna Catharina Lupfer was born
on 26 May 1758
Johann Jacob Lupfer was born
on 12 August 1766
Elizabeth Lupfer was born
on 7 September 1759
...She died almost immediately
Maria Magdalena Lupfer was born
on 16 October 1768
 Caspar Lupfer was born
on 10 October 1760
Anna Maria Lupfer was born 
on 12 March 1774
Johannes J. Lupfer was born
on 4 May 1762

Elixabeth Lupfer was born
on 20 April 1764

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