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Lavina Crouch Lupher 1822-1876
I don't know very much about Lavina, who seems to have been somewhat overshadowed in family accounts by her more colorful mother (Elizabeth Perkins Crouch) and daughter (Rosetta Lupher Gilson Taylor Osborne).   But she was my great great grandmother.  She was from an old New England family that can be traced back there to the 1630s.  This picture, the only one  I have, was restored from an old small blackened one that the expert told me was a tintype.   The original is about 1 1/2 by 1 inches, I think it is the sort of thing that was intended to be put in a locket.  The appearance here is grainy because it has been enlarged.
On 30 Nov 1837 Lavina married my great great grandfather Henry Lupher, and they had seven children.   A picture of all seven of them may be seen on the Lupher page.  She died in 1876 and is buried in the Hatch cemetery in Guy's Mills, PA, along with her husband and her mother.


Other Crouches

Lavina was one of six children of Jonathan Crouch and Elizabeth Perkins.  Their children were:

Delos Mason CROUCH b: 04 Mar 1816   d: 05 Jun 1873

who married first Susannah BYHAM b: 01 Dec 1817  m: 26 Nov 1843 d: 16 May 1863

and second Sarah Cody HILL b: 23 Nov 1809  m: 21 Mar 1865 d: 04 Feb 1903
Charlotte Kasiah CROUCH b: 18 Mar 1820   d: 20 Aug 1852

who married a ROGERS b: ca 1820
 Lavina CROUCH b: 27 Mar 1822  Randolph Twp, Crawford Co, PA   d: 22 Jul 1876  Townville, PA

who married Henry LUPHER b: 18 Jul 1814  Venango Co, PA d: 06 Mar 1878  Townville, PA
Isaac Newton CROUCH b: 02 May 1823  Randolph Twp, Crawford Co, PA   d: 02 May 1823
Alsina S. CROUCH b: 27 Mar 1824  Randolph Twp, Crawford Co, PA   d: 26 Jun 1852

who married first John DEETS b: ca 1820   d: 07 Mar 1850  Canal Twp, Venango Co, PA

and second a RICKARDS b: ca 1824
Mary Delia CROUCH b: 15 Nov 1826  Randolph Twp, Crawford Co, PA   d: 13 Oct 1892

who married John Wesley GRAY b: ca 1825

There are quite a few of their descendants in my database although I have to admit I do not know much about them or their lives.  However I have inherited pictures of some of them.   The first is Leslie Delos Crouch 1847-1864, a son of Delos Mason Crouch and Susannah Byham, pictured below in his uniform.  He served with the 83rd Pennsylvania Volunteers and was killed in the Civil War, at City Point, Virginia, in 1864.  He is also buried in the Hatch Cemetery in Guys Mills, PA.

Leslie Delos Crouch 1847-1864

The oldest child of  Delos Mason Crouch and Susannah Byham was Mary Elizabeth Crouch 1844-1885.  She was the older sister of Leslie, above.  Mary Elizabeth married Charles Reynolds Loveless.  Mary Elizabeth was first cousin to Rosetta Lupher, my greatgrandmother.  Rosetta kept in touch with Mary Elizabeth's family and received and kept so many pictures of them that I have now made a separate page for the Loveless and Whann families.  (One of Mary Elizabeth's daughters married John Whann).  There is a link to this new page at the bottom of this page.

Below are two sons of Mary Delia Crouch, a sister of Delos, and John Wesley Gray.

William Gray b ca 1850
Fred L. Gray b ca 1860


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