Ayres/Ayers Family

 The farthest-back AYRES  I have is my great great great grandfather, John Chandler AYRES 1769-1852.   He is said to have been born in Virginia but I have not been able to verify that.  In any case, he was in Belmont County, Ohio, by about 1814.  He spent most of his life in Ohio, but eventually moved to Iowa with some of his children, and died there in 1852.

It should be noted that although the original spelling was clearly Ayres, some branches of the family eventually came to spell it Ayers.  They were not always consistent in the early days.  In my data I have stuck with Ayres unless I know that the individuals involved in fact spelled it Ayers, in which case I have done so too.  But they are all related.

John Chandler Ayres's  wife was Frances Kendall FERGUSON ca 1788 - aft 1874.  Some sources say she was born in Ohio but I suspect she was probably born in Virginia too.  Neither is verified and I do not know who her parents were.

The children of John Chandler AYRES and Frances Kendall FERGUSON were:

William F. Ayres b ca 1813
Margaret P. Ayres b ca 1814
Frances Kendal Ayres b 1817 (my great great grandmother)
 m George Washington TAYLOR
Eliza Ayres b ca 1819
Betsey Ayres b ca 1820
John Wycliff Ayres b 8 Sep 1822
Benjamin Franklin Ayres b 11 Apr 1825
Mary Scott Ayres b 26 Oct 1827 (twin)
Philander Chase Ayres b 26 Oct 1827 (twin)
So this is where my greatgrandfather TAYLOR's given name, Chandler, came from.  It pushes that problem back a couple of generations, but I still don't know whose, if anyone's, maiden name was Chandler.   Perhaps John Chandler AYRES's mother.

As anyone who has explored my pages knows, I like to include pictures of the ancestors.  My latest Ayres ancestor was Frances Kendall Ayres, my great great grandmother, the wife of George Washington Taylor.  I have no picture of her but as of Summer 2002, I now have a picture of her brother, John Wycliff Ayres b 8 Sep 1822, who died 14 Oct 1898 in Burrton, Kansas:

John Wycliff Ayres 1822-1898
Photo probably early 1890s

I think that John W. Ayres went to Kansas sometime in the late 1860s or early 1870s; he was Chandler Taylor's uncle and his being there may have been at least in part what inspired Chandler to go there himself.
I now also have a picture of Frances Ayres Taylor's nephew, Theodore C. Ayres, born in 1858, a son of her brother Philander Chase Ayres.  He was George Washington Taylor's brother-in-law and his son Chandler's (my greatgrandfather's) first cousin.  Theodore, apparently known as "T.C", was an attorney in Belmont County Ohio. He was married to Mary E. Gibson and died before 1942. 
Theodore C. Ayres, 
Photo probably ca 1895

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